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BDB Big Bold Brow Crayon

BDB Big Bold Brow Crayon

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The Billion Dollar Brows eyebrow crayon is an easy way to create a bold statement look. Use this thick eyebrow pencil, which features a smooth, creamy formula, to enhance your beautiful brows. They will thank you!

Easy to Use

Just getting started on your brow journey? Like all of our brow makeup, this eyebrow crayon pencil is a great tool for beginners and for everyday pros who know how to love their brows.

Big, bold brows are often a great way to perfectly frame your face, and using our thick eyebrow pencil, you’ll be able to get the look you desire without having to continuously build up the color. Use this one-step application eyebrow crayon for perfect brows every time!

Everyday Formula

Our formula is easy to blend and makes your brows pop, no matter what color you’re using. We offer the brow crayon in a blonde and taupe, but you can mix the two to get the perfect custom shade!

Our eyebrow crayon comes with its own spoolie you can use to create natural lines that mimic your own brow hairs. Use the spoolie to mix colors, blend the makeup, and make your brows as bold as you want them.

Achieve your perfect look with our eyebrow crayon pencil!

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