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BDB Flash & Filter Gold Infused Illuminator

BDB Flash & Filter Gold Infused Illuminator

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Use the Skin Illuminator to Create Looks that Shine
Are you ready to make your makeup stand out without being over the top? Our gold-infused skin illuminator will help you create a look that’s beautiful and healthy, instead of too glittery or too bold.

Perfect for Day to Night 
With our hydrating illuminator, you will enjoy glowing skin throughout your day. The subtlety of the highlighter is professional enough to wear to work or out to brunch. The beautifully placed shimmer will also look great as you dance the night away or spend an evening out with your girlfriends. You can even use it to highlight your brow look. We’ve designed this to be the perfect illuminator, no matter what time of day you plan on wearing it! Use our skin illuminator to get makeup that really glows.

Healthy for Your Skin 
Since this is a hydrating illuminator, you won’t have to worry about it damaging or drying out your skin. It’s an easy-to-use product and can even help smooth out wrinkles on your face! Thanks to the gold-infused formula, it’s able to adapt and adjust to make sure your skin gets all the comfort and hydration it needs. 

Worried about choosing the right shade? Don’t be! The universal formula works great on nearly any skin tone. It’s also easy to blend in and make it look beautiful with every type of makeup! 

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