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FacEnvy Cleansing Gel

FacEnvy Cleansing Gel

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Tired of spending time removing your make-up?
See how one product does it all.
Lash Addicts- This product is for you! As for lash technicians, keep up with the latest technology in cleansing.

FacEnvy’s 2in1 has been designed to remove dead cells/ makeup and protein build up around the eyes and eyelashes.
This unique formula is paraben free and oil free, is excellent for people with eyelash extensions (will not damage the glue). The enzymes from the papaya extractacts as a protein remover, as this is an important ingredient to help lashes stay healthy.

Why stop there?
-You can use 2in1 gel cleanser for your face and neck all at once.
-Use with or without water
-Concentrated, as one pump goes a long way
-Rinses away as you cleanse your skin

Pump a pea drop of the 2in1 cleansing gel into the palm of your hand and apply to a moist face, move in a circular motion around face, eyes and neck.
Rinse and apply moisturizer.

Key Ingredients:
Bulgaria Rose: Moisturizes and tightens the skin.
Papaya Fruit Extract: Natural enzyme.
Sodium Lauryol Glutamate:Weak acidic solution deeply and gently cleanses all skin types without irritating.
Subtilisin:Smoothens and brightens by discarding the corneum, leaving skin renewed.
Plyquaternium: Moisturizes.

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