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Nana + Livy Choco Soap

Nana + Livy Choco Soap

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Does your skin have a sweet tooth? Inspired by popular desserts around the world, our Choco Soaps are handcrafted with real food ingredients and cocoa butter — the same ingredient used in rich, decadent chocolate! 

Like an actual chocolate bar, Choco Soap can be easily broken into pieces for facial, hand and/or body cleansing.

Be clean, smell sweet, let your beauty start with desserts.

Blueberry Lemonade: consists of lemon peel powder and blueberry seeds that balance oily skin and exfoliate your skin. 

London Fog: consists of rice milk and Earl Grey tea powder that keep your skin hydrated and smooth. 

Mango Coco: consists of mango powder and coconut milk that help promote healthier skin. 

Mocha: consists of coffee grounds and cocoa powder that exfoliate your skin and reduce wrinkles

Neapolitan: consists of strawberry powder and cocoa powder that revitalize and boost the elasticity of your skin. 

Ujikintoki: consists of matcha powder and adzuki bean powder that relax your body and exfoliate your skin. 

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