Hard Wax VS. Soft Wax: What's the Difference?

Hard Wax VS. Soft Wax: What's the Difference?

Typically, when you book a waxing appointment, you’re not thinking too hard about the type of wax your technician is using. In fact, it probably didn’t even pop into your mind that there are different wax types. When you book with us, you’re able to choose the type of wax you’d prefer to have used on your skin! It’s one of the perks of choosing a salon that offers their clients as many options as possible. 

But what exactly are these types of wax and what’s the difference between them? Don’t worry, we’ll cover all of that so you’re prepared for your next wax with us. At our salon, we offer hard wax, soft wax, and a combination of both. Now, let’s dive into how each wax type can benefit you!

Soft Wax

Soft wax is what we typically use for all of our waxing appointments, unless otherwise stated. If you’ve gotten your brows done with us before, we’ve most likely used this wax on you! The easiest way to tell the difference is if your technician used a strip with it. If they did, this is the wax we used! This type of wax sticks to your skin and hairs, so it might be considered more painful compared to hard wax since it rips out the first layer of dead skin along with your unwanted hairs. 

Don’t let the idea of that scare you off from soft wax forever! The removal of your top layer of skin can be a good thing because it acts as an exfoliant, which helps prevent clogged pores, resulting in fewer breakouts.

Soft wax can be used all over your body, so it’s ideal for small and large areas. It’s great for speed waxing too, which is why we love it! You’ll be in and out super quick with this wax, which is great for those clients who have busy schedules. 

Hard Wax

One of the main benefits to choosing hard wax is that it’s gentle on your skin. It doesn’t stick to your skin during the waxing process, so you won’t have to worry about it ripping off the first layer of skin. Since it’s a lot gentler, you’ll have less pain with this wax too. 

This wax doesn’t require a strip because it hardens over the skin better than soft wax does. Any hair type and skin type can use this wax, but those with hypersensitive skin should opt for this type of wax when possible! It’s ideal for smaller sections, like the underarms, upper lip, brows, Brazilian or bikini area.


The name of this type of wax might give away what it actually is, but that’s okay! We’re going to break it down for you anyway. Combination wax, also known as half and half, is a great mix of hard and soft wax. Shocking, we know. This wax type is great for all areas of your body and it’s perfect for those dipping their feet into the hard wax pool after being in the soft wax one for so long! It’s truly the best of both worlds. 

We can’t wait for your next waxing appointment now that you know all this helpful info! Maybe you’ll even want to try out a new wax type for your next appointment. Have any questions about whether a certain type of wax would be a good match for you? DM us on Instagram or ask your waxer when you’re in the salon next about your options! Happy waxing!

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