What we offer

We all love services that enhance your natural beauty, and that's exactly what all of our beauty treatments do at Waxonomy! These services should definitely be part of your regular routine.

  • Facials - $60+

    Nothing beats the feeling of having clean skin, and it's always a good idea to let the pros take care of your skin for you every now and then. We offer express, classic, and premium facials.

    What does each facial include? 
  • Intimate bleaching - $89.99

    Using a specially formulated, professional use-only skin lightener we can "bleach" virtually any area of the body that you would like lightened. Reduces hyperpigmentation anywhere - anus, underarms, bikini area, areolas, buttocks, and more. This treatment is totally painless!

  • Brow lamination - $80

    Who doesn't want gorgeous thick brows? By booking a brow lamination with us, you're signing yourself up for exactly that! So, what is a brow lamination? It's basically just a perm for your eyebrows. We comb up your hairs and use a setting solution to keep them in place. The results? Perfect brows for 4-6 weeks. Add a tint to this service for that extra oomph (+$10).

  • Lash lift - $80

    False lashes are so over! Instead of ruining your day by trying to glue those on, book a lash lift instead. Did you know that most eyelashes grow straight out instead of straight up? Well, a lash lift only enhances your natural lashes by lifting what's already there. The results last 4-6 weeks. You can even add a tint to this service to replace mascara (+$20).

Treat yourself at Waxonomy

Does your beauty routine need that extra OOMPH? Book one of our amazing beauty treatments. You're in good hands with our team, trust us!

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