How Bad is Shaving REALLY?

How Bad is Shaving REALLY?

The truth is that we all have unwanted body hair! It’s as simple as that. No matter who you are, there’s probably at least one spot on your body where you’d rather not have hair. Body hair is nothing to be ashamed of, but of course, we’d just rather get rid of it.

The most common form of hair removal is shaving – purely because of its convenience. Let’s face it, all of us have shaved at least ONCE in our lives, whether it was our arms, face, legs, armpits or more private area (wink wink). But as we get older and develop more hair, we experience the hardships of shaving: the ingrown hairs and the razor burn. Us hair removal professionals will be the first ones to tell you to put the razors away and never shave again! But how bad is shaving really? Well, we’re about to tell you! If you’re trying to decide whether or not you should put down the razor and switch to waxing, then keep reading.  

Ingrown hairs and sensitivities:

One of the main drawbacks of shaving is any form of skin irritation. We’ve all suffered through those painful red bumps and ingrown hairs for the sake of flawless skin. They’re a nightmare to say the least! But what really causes those bumps to form? 

When you shave or wax, you’re removing the top layer of skin. That’s not technically bad but when you do either too frequently, it can cause some issues. When you get waxed at a salon, your technician will always give you a few weeks before booking you back. That’s to give your skin time to breathe and some hair to grow back! It’s much easier for us to over-shave than it is to over-wax, since your hair grows back MUCH quicker after a shave. 

If you decide that waxing is not for you, it’s SO important not to shave too frequently. If you don’t give your skin a break, it’ll lead to the stripping away of your skin’s outer layer. Once that happens, you’ll start seeing a lot more irritations and infections. No, thank you!

Another thing that will cause ingrown hairs and sensitivities is a dull razor. Let’s be serious…none of us change our razors as often as we’re supposed to. It’s a known fact! Did you know you’re actually supposed to change your razor head every 5-7 shaves? YUP. You’re probably reading this blog as a 3 month old razor sits in your shower!

Your hair grows back too quickly:

Ever shave right before a beach day or an important event, only to wake up with some light stubble just a few days later? Having to shave every other day, especially in the summer, is beyond annoying. It’s really just not the vibe, sis! Don’t do it. 

The reason for this? Shaving cuts the hair from the skin’s surface and up. The hair follicle under the skin remains untouched when you shave, so really, you’re only getting rid of half the hair. When you wax, the entire root gets pulled out from the skin, making the hair growth process take longer. A single waxing session can leave you hairless anywhere from 3-6 weeks, depending on your hair type and natural hair growth cycle. With consistent waxing sessions, your hair begins to grow back thinner, weaker and softer than before!

Can’t shave hard to reach places: 

I mean, it might sound silly, but it’s a genuine concern. How are you supposed to make sure you got all the tiny hairs down below (you know what we mean)? It’s just not ideal, is it? Unless you're double jointed, it's pretty hard to see everything down there.

With a wax, you can make sure you’re hairless in all the right places. The worst thing about shaving is missing a spot, only to discover it later once it’s too late! By scheduling a wax, your technician will ensure you leave looking and feeling your best!

So, is shaving really THAT bad?

We’re not going to tell you never to shave again, but it definitely has its disadvantages. For those who struggle with extremely sensitive skin, we suggest you try waxing regularly or even invest in laser hair removal. For the lucky ones out there who don’t get a lot of negative side effects from shaving, you can carry on if you wish! But maybe this will convince you to at least give waxing a try.

You can call us to book an appointment or use our online booking system! Our team of talented girls will make sure you feel comfortable and leave feeling satisfied with the end result.

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