Top Tips to Reduce Pose-Wax Acne

Top Tips to Reduce Pose-Wax Acne

When it comes to waxing, everyone has a different post-wax reaction. Some people can take waxing no problem with little to no repercussions. However, some are not quite that lucky. One of the side effects of waxing can be acne. This is typically something that happens after facial waxing. But, there are ways you can keep acne at bay post wax!


First and foremost, it’s important to remember that your skin is especially sensitive post-wax. Your pores will be more open and willing to take on dirt and grime - the badies that will cause you to breakout. So, when it comes to keeping post-wax breakouts at bay, the key is to keep the junk out of your pores.


If you’re someone who is prone to breakouts, a good rule of thumb is to wait until the next day to apply anything to your skin. Makeup in particular will be something you want to wait on for at least 12 hours. If you absolutely need to put on a face in that timeframe, just make sure you clean the area really well before you head to bed. Leaving makeup on overnight or not adequately taking it off before bed in a big culprit of acne the next morning (whether you waxed or not!).


Another thing you’ll want to avoid is touching your face. Sometimes your skin may become itchy and irritated after a wax, but it’s best to try your hardest not to scratch or pick at the area. Our hands are the dirtiest parts of our body and can easily spread dirt and bacteria to our already sensitive pores. If you find that your skin is unbearably itchy or irritated, washing it with some warm water and applying a little bit of aloe may help to take some of the irritation down.


If you are sure you will break out, one thing you can do is clean your skin up after a wax. Sometimes people breakout because of wax residue, so removing that from your skin as soon as you’re able may be the key to helping your breakouts. When you get home, wipe your face down with some warm water and a little bit of witch hazel. This will get rid of any left over wax that may trap bacteria under the surface of your skin. When you’ve finished cleaning it, either allow your skin to air dry or very gently pat it dry with a fresh towel.


Regardless of whether you do or don’t know your tendency to breakout, there are a few tips to at least lower the risk.


First of all, don’t touch the area with your hands. This is especially true for your face! We are notoriously bad for touching our faces without really realizing it. Since your skin is so prone to taking on dirt and grime post-wax, keeping your fingers away is key. If you absolutely must touch your face (not sure why you would, but hey! What do I know?) make sure you wash your hands well with warm water.


If you do notice any bumps, do not pick, scratch, pop, pull or touch them in any way. When you attempt to pop or pick a pimple, oftentimes you end up actually pushing the dirt, bacteria and sebum deeper into your skin. This will likely cause the pimple to become even more irritated, last longer and potentially leave a scar.


Depending on the area and severity of the breakouts, another option may be to switch to threading. Threading is gentler on the skin and does not leave any residue behind. It doesn’t leave pores as vulnerable and doesn’t remove as much of the dead skin. There isn’t any residue left on the skin which means that your pores are less likely to get clogged.


That about covers it! Breakouts are fairly common and there are lots of ways to combat them. Do you have any tips to tackle post wax breakouts?

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