Why You NEED to Fill in a Waiver for your Appointment

Why You NEED to Fill in a Waiver for your Appointment

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This week we’re talking about waivers. If you’ve just recently started coming to Waxonomy, you may remember the waiver we had you fill out. The one that asks you to read, initial and answer a few questions. Believe it or not, we still get looked at like we have 3 heads when we ask new clients to fill it out.


Now, to us it seems simple enough because it’s going to tell us everything we need to know about your skin before we take you in the room. However, we get asked multiple times a day ‘Well, why do I need to do this?” or “Is this really necessary?”


Short answer: yes, yes it is.


Let’s break this down a little bit, shall we? We have waivers for all our major services: waxing, microblading, and facials. If a service doesn’t have it’s own waiver, we always get the client to fill out the waxing waiver on their first visit. Each waiver is different depending on the service, but follows the same basic format.


You will first be asked to read through and initial some statements. These statements will range from what to expect at your appointment, some implications that can arise from the appointment (think worst case scenario - 99% of appointments go on without a hitch) and how you’re expected to prepare for this appointment. Now, just because you initial a statement that may imply you have a certain condition, does not mean you are saying you have the condition! We simply need you to initial so we know that you’ve read that statement - we’re not assuming anything.


The next part will get you to fill in some of your contact info. Yes, we did collect that when we booked you in, but sometimes mistakes happen! This is just so we can ensure what we have on file is accurate.


Now, depending on which service you’re getting done, the next part will either just be a few questions or… well, a lot more than a few questions. It is important to answer these questions honestly. There is a reason we’re asking all of these questions, and it’s because we need to make sure there is nothing that could make this experience terrible for you. For example, certain medications will thin your skin, meaning we may not be able to wax you.


Besides that, the waiver may ask you about your allergies. List anything you may be allergic to so we can make sure we don’t use any products that could cause you to have a reaction. Our goal is to give you the fastest, most comfortable service possible. These waivers allow us to identify any red flags before you head into a room.


We also often hear, “I’ve never had to do one of these for a wax before!”


To be honest with you, if a salon or spa doesn’t get you to fill in some sort of waiver, that should be cause for alarm. Some salons will verbally ask about medications, however if they don’t, you should be cautious. Make sure to make mention of any medications you're on to the person performing the service - you never know what could trigger a reaction!

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